BigTRBL started playing music professionally back in 1964 and quickly earned a name for himself in the Hamilton DJ scene by the time he was 67. Interested in music at a young age and influenced by genres including house, techno, and hip hop, BigTRBL developed his unique dj style as a result of lack of dj experience... and by incorporating pictures to music (something he's got a fair bit of experience doing given a 30 year career writing and producing award winning commercials)...and live improvised musical performance.  (Oh, and there's some comedy & light up drum sticks too.  It's pretty much a visual mash up of audio mash ups - ed.)

Too cool for school?  Not this guy.  He's the guy who gave you Lawrence Welk dancers gleefully flailing away in hideous chiffon costumes to the latest Drake track. He gave you terrible square dancers kicking it to a mashup of The Beastie Boys. Now he's upped the game and is interacting with the videos he's playing...Part DJ, part producer, part comedian, and all around performer and innovator. He's the old guy with the freshest tracks.  You won't find anything like him anywhere else.

 (FYI he's done a few other things in his professional musical career before becoming a dj and won pant loads of awards in case you were wondering)