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Tim Tickner: the man behind Big TRBL


Tim has been one of Canada’s premiere composers for over 30 years. He was head writer for one of north america’s busiest music production houses ‘The Air Company’ and also a partner in 'The Einstein Brothers', which was three times voted top music production house in Canada.

Tim has won every major award*, including craft awards for arrangement, sound design and composition.
His clients included General Motors (all divisions), The Federal and Provincial governments, Labatt, Molson, American Express, Visa, Nike, the Colorado Rockies, Tampa Bay Lightning, Coors, and NBC News.  (He was also the voice of the singing cow in the classic HP sauce commercial - ed)

He has also written and produced for Diana Ross, the Boomers, Allanah Miles, Alice Cooper and many others.
Numerous TV themes & music include CBC Kids ‘Get set for life’, 'Eerie Indiana' for Hearst Entertainment, and the CBS special 'The Martin Short Show'.  He has also written and produced several CDs for Orange records.

Tim retired from writing commercials and contributing musical tracks for major network shows when the industry got stupid and over the past few years has been focusing on creating his own works in electronic music and, more recently, creating dynamic multimedia mashups for his DJ residency at Shaolin Underground in Hamilton, Ontario. 

*(Emmy, Cleo, Bessie)


Fun Facts *

What makes BigTRBL so interesting, you ask?

  • He once made a Rolling Stone gather moss.

  • Respected climate change scientists have been working with his grooves to reverse the effects of global warming.

  • He is the life of parties he has never attended.

  • He was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for his playlist.

  • He was responsible for putting Dr. Dre through medical school.

  • Although he plays the squares, he is not bound by any geometric shape.

  • He can turn animation dancers into live action dancers.

  • When his tracks were played on the dark side of the moon, it was no longer dark.

  • The dark is afraid of him.

  • He found Thunder Cat as a wet kitten.

  • He was the only one able to give The Rolling Stones satisfaction.

  • His grooves are the reason the tower of Pisa leans.

  • A circus once tried to run away to try to join him.

  • He once played a boring track just to see what it would feel like.

  • He travelled the world in a day after finding a short cut.

  • He uses his senior status to get discounts on musical gear.

  • He is considered a national treasure in countries he’s never been to.

  • Astronomers have confirmed three of his sets were responsible for solar eclipses.

  • His tracks have been used in alchemy…to create platinum.

  • Buskers try to give him money.

  • He makes clowns find themselves creepy.

  • After marinating in his tracks for an hour, brussell sprouts can taste like chocolate.

  • He knows how to play music your parents would like, but chooses not to.

  • Click tracks and metronomes rely on him for time.

  • Clocks stop working when he walks into a room because they know they can’t compete.

  • His playlists are secretly stored in nuclear reactors for use as an emergency cooling device in the event of a malfunction

  • He has impeccable grammar but refrains from using it while spinning hip hop tracks.

  • He has never read a book because he’s too busy writing them.

  • James Brown felt good, until he heard BIG TRBL….Then he felt better.

  • He knows Banksy’s true identity when he found him hiding in his shadow and still won’t reveal it.

  • He doesn’t keep up with the Kardashians. The Kardashians have to keep up to him.

  • Kanye once gave up one of his own awards to him…since he didn’t feel worthy.

  • Donald Trump has apologized to him - twice.

* not actually factual